Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Ex

So, IOPE has released what they say is the world's first cushion type sunscreen. What's even more attracting is that it  contains 35% of moisture rich brightening essence plus the high SPF protection.

Brightening Essence/UV protector Functional Makeup IOPE AIR-CUSHION SUNBLOCK (SPF50+/PA+++)All-in-one cushion sunscreen with four new concepts - Brightening + UV Protection + Cooling + Makeup
  • Forming a flexible and protective layer on the skin with a sweatproof complex
  • Intense moisturizing & soothing effect with hydromineral water
  • Natural finish touch by Cushion Powder and oil degradation enzymes powder (LLCP)

I'll be honest here..... I actually wanted to try HERA UV mist cushion but it's a tad more expensive than IOPE. and I'm pretty new with the cushion BB compact concept so i just wanted to try out~

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Ex with refill

The packaging actually looks very similar with HERA UV mist cushion

i think the even the sponge is similar with HERA's

 The "cushion" is actually harder than i anticipated
it's almost like sponge but harder, and when i press on it it actually feels kinda dry. So.... I'm not quite sure how long does it last for.

This is about one deep pat into the cushion.

This is such a new concept to me. I'm usually more used to foundation or BB cream's liquid or creamy texture. But the cushion BB pact is actually "dryer" and only a little comes out of it. It took me quite a while to figure how to put it on..... 
The best way for me is: pat all around face with one application like the picture above. Then use the sponge to evenly spread out to your face. 

Moving on to the effect of it~

 my skin before application

My skin after application

As you can see, it gives a nice dewy glow to my skin. Funny because in reality it doesn't look that pretty. Must be the camera effect ^^ Also in reality it's much more dewy than it seems. You can of course apply powder to make it look matte.

So in terms of oil control and sweat proof, I have my own doubts.... About later to the day, oil builds up and my make up doesn't seem to stay that well. It's really not that hot in here.... a bit chill too, so no heat or sweat. So i can't really imagine how it would be in the summer.....

oil control ain't that great 

make up didn't stay as well I'd hope

So, in the end, I kind of like it and kind of not. 
I like it in terms of its dewy finish and its moisturizing effect. It's also lightweight so reapplying it in the summer would not be heavy at all. I didn't like it in terms of makeup staying power and its sweat proof ability. Coverage isn't great but it's expected because of its very light texture. 

I will continue using it and perhaps it will be better as time goes by....


  1. You maybe should've tried Lancome's snow cushioning foundation, heard it's better?
    Haven't tried it yet ><

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